Why We Are The Dwight Schrute of Saving Apps

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Dwight Schrute doesn’t tip people for things he can do himself. He won’t tip the pizza deliveryman because he can do that himself. Dwight wouldn’t tip his Uber driver neither (but honestly, we’d love for Dwight to drive us home from the bar) Dwight will however tip his urologist.

We aren’t advocating for stiffing the pizza deliveryman this weekend. But Dwight makes a good point – why pay for something you can do yourself?

This is why we have never charged our users a fee for something they can do on their own.

Could you transfer $5 from your checking to your savings account every day? Sure you could. Could you look at what you spent yesterday and save the nearest dollar amount? Sure, you could if you want to do that math. But both of those are annoying to do and likely difficult to manage every day.

BoostUp automates your savings so you don’t have to forget to move your own money. Because it is your own money, we don’t believe in charging you any fee.

We won’t take cents off your dollar. We don’t implement a minimal balance. Nor a monthly fee. With BoostUp, it’s free to save and all of your money will always be your own money.

So how do we make money? We have partnerships with brands, if you buy from them, they pay us. Saving for life’s biggest purchases is cumbersome enough, so that’s why we have brands offering dollar-for-dollar matches of your savings.

Let’s do this together. We can help you automate your savings towards life’s biggest purchases . . . for free!

Start saving now!