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We can’t remember the last time someone under the age of 60 mentioned, “that you can’t have your cake and eat it too” but we do understand the phrase- you can’t have everything.

“You can’t drink lattes and save money,” they say.
“You can’t go on vacation while you trying to save,” they say.
“You can’t have your cake and save money on it, too,” they say.

But haven’t you heard not to always listen to the crowd?

We don’t talk a lot about budgeting here at BoostUp. Our goal for our users has been that we help you automate your savings little bit by little bit. We don’t ask you to format Excel sheets for your budget (but if you want to do that, great!) because we want to be a simple tool for you.

Part of the reason budgeting gets a bad rep is because there’s a stiff connection between being smart with your finances and not having your latte. We think you can do both.

So, when we recently read Half Banked’s post about budgeting and the three magic words of “Or, And, If,” it was like she was overhearing our conversations here at BoostUp.

Desirae at Half Banked said,

“One of the biggest reasons I hear about why people don’t want to build a monthly plan for their money (ahem, a budget) is that they’re stuck in the “or” mentality.”

Statements like the ones we made above. The belief that you cannot put money away in your savings and have your latte. She then goes on to say,

Let’s flip some of those pesky “or” statements around, and look at how much better they sound.

“I can drink my latte AND be great at money.”
“I can keep my fancy gym membership AND be responsible.”

And let’s go even further with it.

“I can save for retirement AND take my dream vacation.”
“I can buy a house AND build a business.”
“I can save up an emergency fund AND keep drinking my lattes.”

You can definitely afford your priorities, and the best way to make sure you can is by harnessing the last magic word: “if”.

“I can save for retirement AND take a dream vacation IF…”

What that “if” will be looks very different depending on who you are, how much money you need to find to make it happen, and what you care most about.

It could be…

“…IF I compare my car insurance rates and save $40 a month without even trying.”
“…IF I scale back to two pub nights a month, not ten.”

This is where we like to inject ourselves into Desirae’s logic. You can go out to lunch and save, too. You can put a few dollars a day away, and still grab a drinks with friends. You can let something like BoostUp pull those dollars for you and we bet you won’t even notice it, and then continue living your life.

In the past few months, we’ve had a significant increase in users setting up a savings plan. Not only setting up the savings plan, but letting it run for months. We’ve even got responses from users saying “I have $600 in my account? I barely even noticed”

Between $5 here and there being deposited for you, plus RoundUps turned on, without touching a button the entire month, we see an average user save about $250 a month. Meanwhile, those users kept on buying their coffee, doing their normal grocery shopping, and continuing to live their lives.

So often people are afraid to save money because they just hear the “Or” statement. We love that Desirae explained there is another option than those “Or” statements, and they are “And, if” statements.

You can save money AND live your life.
You can make your latte purchases AND let us RoundUp to your savings for you.
You can have your cake AND save money, too.