4 Scary Parts About Saving and How To Combat Them

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Parting with money can be a little scary. And because saving money can feel like you’re parting with your money, it can be worrisome and something you may put off. We understand. So to comfort you a little, here are 4 scary parts about saving money and how you can combat that.


Fear: I can’t afford it
Conquer that fear by: Try just a little bit at a time

The number one response to “Why aren’t you saving money?” is that they worry they can’t afford it. Suddenly the thought of saving money comes with pangs of cutting out drinks with friends. People think about how they already live lives paycheck to paycheck and the thought of less spendable money scares them. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We bet that if you start saving just $1 a day for a while, you won’t even notice it not in your spending account. By saving a little bit at first, you get comfortable with the idea of savings.


Fear: I’ll need that money later on
Conquer that fear by: Finding an account you can withdraw from if you need to

You may worry that something is going to happen and you won’t be able to access that money you’ve been saving. Try not to think of your savings money as “gone” as much as “somewhere else.” Your money that you save is yours; it’s just somewhere else for you. Find an account that you can withdraw money from, but that also isn’t too easily accessible to transfer back into your checking account. If you can transfer savings back into your checking account, the first sight of a sale is going to cause you to do so within minutes. Find an account you can see, access, and request easy and realistically quick withdraws from in case of an emergency.


Fear: I don’t even know if I need to save money
Conquer that fear by: Picture your savings goal

You’re not even sure you need to save. Your bills get paid, you have some extra money for fun-spending, you manage. But what about that trip you’ve been wanting to take? Think about your car that is bound to need replacing soon. Try to think big picture for a second and imagine not having to worry about being in a bind when the car goes. Or finally being able to take that vacation guilt-free because you already have the money saved. Admit, it’s nice to have a little cushion, isn’t it?


Fear: I forget to save money
Conquer that fear by: Automate your savings

You don’t have to be convinced that you need to save money, you know you need to but you just keep forgetting. You see your paycheck hit, think about what you need to pay for and buy, and then tell yourself you’ll transfer money later. You have enough to worry about, why not automate those savings? Find an amount you feel comfortable with and automate those savings to be put away for you. Gone are the days where you think, “Oh shoot!”