PRESS RELEASE: BoostUp launches RoundUps

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Detroit, MI – December 5, 2016 – BoostUp, the savings platform for life’s biggest purchases, announced today the launch of RoundUps, making BoostUp the first company to offer automated savings, RoundUps, crowdfunding and purchase incentives in a single platform to help consumers reach their savings goals.

RoundUps will allow BoostUp users the ability to connect any account they use for everyday purchases, such as a checking account and credit cards, to their BoostUp account. Once an account is connected, every purchase made will be rounded up to the nearest dollar with the spare change saved automatically into their BoostUp account. For instance, if a user buys a coffee for $4.55, the RoundUps technology will automatically deposit $.45 into the users BoostUp account.

“We’ve built an unbelievable technology, and now with RoundUps people have many different ways to reach their goals in a single platform,” said John Morgan, founder and CEO of BoostUp. “Saving money can be challenging, but micro-saving with RoundUps or through our daily plan of a $1/day is a responsible saving strategy that almost anyone can start.”

Consumers can use BoostUp for free to save for their next car, home, trip or other big purchase. The BoostUp platform provides several options to reach a goal:

  • Automated deposits with a daily savings plan, starting with as little as $1/day
  • Rounding Up everyday purchases to automatically save the spare change
  • Crowdfunding from family and friends for birthdays, holidays, graduation or any special occasion
  • Exclusive purchase incentives from BoostUp partners including national programs with Hyundai and Quicken Loans

No other savings platform provides all these options to consumers.

BoostUp is also licensing their technology to new partners who will promote a branded version of the savings platform and help even more people start to responsibly save for their goals. For more information, visit

About BoostUp:

BoostUp is a savings platform that helps people reach their big purchase goals and buy with confidence. BoostUp users set an automated daily savings plan starting by saving as little as $1/day, plus they can RoundUp their everyday purchases, crowdfund gifts from family and friends and receive exclusive purchase offers from BoostUp brand partners. Saving money has never been so easy or so rewarding. BoostUp has over 53,000 users who have used their BoostUp savings to purchase over $165,000,000 worth of products and services from BoostUp partners. To save for free with BoostUp, visit the App Store, Google Play or