How To Not Be Broke As You Go Into The New Year

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I know, we are totally skipping past the holiday season with this. It’s okay because at this point in the season you have already finished your shopping or are already blowing through your holiday budget whispering “oh crap” to yourself. (Or, we are looking at you Cousin Steve, who refused to shop until Christmas Eve). Because of that, we want to make sure you start your New Year picking up glitter and enjoying a day off rather than one more time whispering “oh crap” as you go to pay your rent for the next month.

Here are 3 small tips that can help you start the year not in the red:

1. Don’t pay full price on Ugly Christmas sweaters

It never fails that it’s three days before an Ugly Christmas Sweater party and you realize you don’t have one. Frantically as you search around town, you find only specialty shops have them left for what they claim as a fair price for $59.99. You remind yourself to set a calendar date in August to start looking at thrift stores for Christmas sweaters next year.

In the meantime, you can pay over $60 for an ugly, itchy sweater you’ll wear once this year, or you can ask to barrow it from a friend.

More than likely, your Ugly Sweater party that you have to attend falls on a different day than some of your friends’. Offer to buy them coffee in exchange for barrowing the horribly ugly Christmas sweater.

Because of it, start the year with: an extra $55.

2. Offer to get dinner with a friend instead of a gift

Inevitably there are friends that you may only buy a gift for because you assume they are buying you a gift. This can lead to some gifts that maybe didn’t need to be bought when it ends to be February and you still haven’t seen them in order to give them that gift. We aren’t advocating being cheap and not buying any friends gifts, because that doesn’t seem very holiday-like. Instead, offer up to them “Hey instead of gifts this year, want to grab dinner and spend some time together?”

This saves you some money that may have gone towards yet another candle or movie ticket gift card, and allows you to spend some quality time with a friend in turn, and can make you seem very genuine to your friendship.

Because of it, start the year with: an extra $50.

3. Start a small savings plan now

Before you panic and say “With what money?” there’s this cool new savings tool on our very own app called RoundUps, which allows you to save your spare change from your every day spending. Your every day spending in December tends to be a little more heavy, so it’s a great time to save a spare few cents here and there. By connecting a bank account and/or your credit cards to your RoundUp account within your BoostUp app, as you do your spending on gifts, we’ll Round Up each purchase to the nearest dollar and save it for you. We bet you’ll barely notice the RoundUp money gone, and it took about zero effort for you and required no coupons or waiting in lines in the store.

Because of it, start the year with: an extra $30.

Because of reading this and being smart, you’ll start the New Year with an extra $135.