Some Things In Life Should Be Automatic

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I’m not sure I am ready to live like the Jetson’s, but there are many aspects of my life that I like to be automated. I’m not saying we turn into the horror stories like in Black Mirror, but automatic responses certainly make life easier.  Aside from Siri, here are some favorite automations:

  1. Automatic sliding doors
    Somewhere someone tipped an entire grocery cart full of groceries while leaving the store because they were trying to open the front door and push a cart through. I’d like to think that was the day that guy created the automatic sliding doors. In reality though, automatic sliding doors aren’t life changing, but they certainly make life much easier.
  2. Timed-coffee maker
    Sure, it’s not difficult to make a pot of coffee with sleepy eyes and drowsiness on an early morning. But have you ever set your coffee maker up the night before, with the water and filter and coffee all ready to go, and woke up to the coffee already done? You woke up and thought right away, “I’m so smart. I planned ahead to set the coffee-timer and now I have one less thing to do this morning.” Some automated things just make life smoother.
  3. Automatic savings
    Chances are you are in one of two boats when it comes to saving: you have your savings properly marked in your Excel sheet of your budget. Or you’re in the other boat in which you know you should be saving but on Pay Day you forget to transfer some of your money into a savings account. Then by the following week you think, “Okay, next paycheck I will remember to save some money” but the cycle continues.When you make your savings automatic, not only do you not forget to save, but it streamlines the rest of your budget. It’s not giving over complete control over your finances, it’s actually taking more control over your finances. Similar to how automatic sliding doors and a timed-coffee maker make life a little easier, automatic savings makes it easier to actually save.

    Granted, you’re not going to forget to go through a door or forget to make coffee, but you may forget to save money. Automating your savings makes it so you don’t forget to.