An Open Letter To Those Who Think They Can’t Save Money

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Hey you,

Maybe you typically pass by these personal finance posts. Is it because sometimes the advice is vague like, “You need to save your money!”? Or do they sometimes get too detailed with example Excel sheets and percentages into different savings accounts with different goals? At the end of the brief viewing, do you find yourself thinking, “Yeah, but I can’t afford to save”?

Don’t worry. Don’t let shame and numbers scare you out of saving. We’ve all been there- a week and half after pay day wondering where all of our money went. A week and a half after pay day and you think about how that car of yours is going to die soon, and you know you’re going to need a new one soon. It’s a little scary, and very easy to put off. Especially when you don’t have a $100 a paycheck to save.

We’ve been there. A lot of people have been there.

But there is an option other than denial and binging on ice cream.

Try $1.

Don’t worry right now about how much of your take-home pay should go where. Don’t worry about budgeting perfectly right now. If you’re not saving anything, start with just $1 a day.

Saving $1 a day isn’t going to overwhelm you, and we are going to assume you won’t even notice it gone. It’s not going to buy you a house yet, though. But in 6 months, you’ll have $200 that you wouldn’t have had before. You’ll have $200 that you didn’t even notice was gone. Find some way to automate the savings of just $1 a day, and see how you feel after a month or two.

In time you can worry about percentages and plans. But, for now, just try $1 a day.

[Obviously, we recommend a savings app like ours with BoostUp to help you save $1 a day and would love for you to try. We’ll even automate the savings from your bank account for you.]