Press Release: BoostUp Launches Micro-Savings App For Life’s Biggest Purchases

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Start by saving as little as $1/day to create a savings habit toward your goals

DETROIT- Mich., October, 26, 2016 – BoostUp, the savings platform for life’s biggest purchases, has launched it’s iOS and Android app to make it even easier for millennials to save for their next car, trip, home or other big purchase. BoostUp Savers can now set up a daily savings plan, starting with as little as $1/day, to put them on a path toward their goals.

Many millennials struggle to save money for their big purchases often citing that they can’t afford to save. BoostUp’s micro-savings strategy is directly designed to help them overcome that obstacle.

“We know saving money isn’t easy, sometimes people put off starting because they’re not sure they have any money to save,” said John Morgan, CEO and Founder of BoostUp. “Having an option to automatically save $1/day is something many people can afford and will help more millennials get started toward reaching their goals.”

BoostUp’s new daily savings plans will continue even after a purchase is made, allowing BoostUp Savers to carry on their savings habit toward ownership costs or their next big ticket item. “We hear from our Savers that the costs don’t end when they buy their home or car,” added Morgan. “Home improvements and vehicle service and repairs are examples of items that our Savers can keep putting money aside to afford, along with saving money toward their next purchase.”

In addition to daily savings, BoostUp allow Savers to crowdfund gifts from family and friends for occasions like birthdays, holidays, weddings and graduations. They also provide Savers with partner Boosts, which match a portion of the their savings when they buy from that partner. This includes exclusive offers on a new car from Hyundai and a home mortgage from Quicken Loans. BoostUp has also added three new partners to help with the buying experience: Redfin for real estate agents, BlueHarbor for auto lending and LendingTree for home lending.

Later this year, BoostUp will launch Round-Ups, which will allow people to round-up their purchases to the nearest dollar and save that rounded amount into their BoostUp account. This will provide consumers another option to easily micro-save toward their goals.

BoostUp is a daily savings app that helps people reach their goals and purchase with confidence. BoostUp Savers set an automated daily savings plan, starting by saving as little as $1/day, plus they can crowdfund gifts from family and friends and receive exclusive purchase offers from BoostUp brand partners. Saving money has never been so easy or so rewarding. BoostUp Savers who have used their BoostUp savings to purchase over $160,000,000 worth of products and services from BoostUp partners. To save for free with BoostUp, visit the App Store, Google Play or

Media Contact: Carlee Barackman