Cookbooks and Your Savings Have More In Common Than You Think

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I’m in the midst of moving, so as I was packing up my bookshelf I laughed at the number of cookbooks I have. Part of the reason I laughed is because the cookbooks are so pre-Pinterest, which is where I keep all the recipes I need now. But then I continued to laugh at that thought-process because whether it’s a cookbook or a Pinterest board, it’s not like I do anything with them.

We know it’s a running joke on the internet to gather recipes on Pinterest that you know you’re never going to cook. Or articles on how to save money on your wedding costs when you’re not even dating. The reason it’s a joke is because we all do it – see something that’s a good idea and then close the browser tab.

You don’t need any more saving tips in a blog post.
You don’t need another guideline percentage to tell you what to save.
You don’t need another “listicle” about what from your spending you need to cut.

While all of these things can offer great advice, it’s still just an article if you simply read it and closed out the tab. If you didn’t move on the advice, you may as well just have read a recipe but never went to the grocery store.

A recipe is simply a food-related step-by-step guide. All that article on saving money is a money-related step-by-step guide.

You know you need to save money. You don’t need to read another article about how. You need to pull out your phone and do something about it.

You just need to start.