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For the most part, it’s easy to swipe your debit card for small purchases, like gum, sweaters, or movie tickets. Those aren’t the purchase you agonize over. We’ve all been there- you know you need to buy a new car. You sweat and research over it, and finally decide that it’s time. Do you know what makes that a lot easier? When you open your phone and see that you have a good chunk of $3,500 that you have already saved. You breathe a sigh of relief, and maybe give yourself a little bit of credit for being so financially smart. (Maybe even think about sending a humble-brag tweet out about it)

It’s a lot easier to make that big purchase if you already have money saved for it. You aren’t staring at a big fat $0, so you feel a lot better. This isn’t surprising, or earth-shattering results from our survey. Three statements are true:

  1. You sleep a lot better at night when you bought something big with money you already had saved.
  2. You know you should be saving for those big purchases.
  3. You do have money to save.

The third statement is the one that may be harder to grasp when you are looking at your bank account a week after you got paid. But what if you just start off with saving $1 a day? Most people in our survey found that they could afford to save $1 a day. Now you may not be able to roll in money like Bill Gates, not today at least. But starting somewhere, with $1 is better than that big fat $0 when you’re ready to buy.