How To Succeed In Saving Without Really Trying

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It’s not a secret that everyone needs to be saving. If you’ve looked into any budgeting tactics, it always mentions saving. We don’t have to convince you that saving is a great idea. The hard part about saving is a two-fold: it’s not easy and it’s worrisome to part with extra cash.

Our goal has always been to help you save and not just another lecture about how you should be. So here are three really easy, really small ways to be successful in your saving.

1. Pay yourself first

It may make more sense to just save what you have left over at the end of the month because you think that’s all you can afford. We want to challenge you to save before you spend. Don’t think of it as a chore, but as paying yourself first. This is your money, and will always be your money to eventually spend. So, pay yourself first. You may know that the tactic of saving at the end isn’t working the way you’d like it to, so let’s try paying yourself first instead of last.

2. Automate it

Our favorite savings tactic is to let someone else do it. (This tactic is fun in all areas of life, not just in personal finance) Let someone else do the work for you. Part of the reason savings is hard is because of the work it takes now. Every time you get paid, you have to log into your bank account, do the math for the 5% or so they tell you to save (then remember you want to go out this weekend so you change the math to 3% instead) and then transfer it. What if someone would just save the money for you? With your permission, of course!

Find somewhere that will automatically pull the money for you. This goes in conjunction with paying yourself first. If someone else pulls the money, you’re not only paying yourself first but you don’t have to remember to do it.

3. Start so small you don’t even notice

Part of the reason savings is hard is because it’s a kind of hard to part with the cash. And in terms of saving, we bet you think it needs to be this big ordeal. That every week you need to cut down on your coffee and post-work drinks and stash away $100.

You don’t have to. What if you start so small you don’t even notice? We bet you have a dollar a day to put away to save. Try a dollar a day to start, and see if you notice.


We are so excited for our next steps to help our users save and buy with confidence. Our app where you can automate and have a daily savings plan is nearly ready for BoostUp users. We want nothing more than to help you put your savings goals into action.