The Future of Savings

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The mattress, the piggy bank, the bank savings account- they all have played a role in helping people save their money over the years. But like the VHS tape, the Blackberry and the floppy disk, these have become obsolete. So what is the future of savings? Is it manually moving your money from one bank account to another to earn 20 cents per year on interest? We believe there is a better way to save. Savings that is about you, your goals and your dreams without obstacles, fees and extraordinary effort.

We think the future of savings looks much like many other technology advances – simple, customizable and user-centric. And what is it that people need to save for anyway – a new shirt, night out at the bar, groceries? No, it’s buying a home, taking a trip, buying a car – then improving that home, having more fun on that trip, servicing that car. These big purchases are not impulse buys, especially when being bought for the first time – they are purchases that require time and planning. The people who save for them are rewarded with the ability to actually make these purchases to help improve their lives.

So back to the future of savings – what does it look like? It needs to be smarter, it needs to have an auto pilot that works and it needs to lead to the achievement of real goals. We are developing the technology today to make this happen. Shortly we will launching our iOS and Android apps and will unveil how we see the future of savings. This will not be another app that plays in virtual worlds or is for wasting time. This is about pathways to goals, financial wellness and changing lives. We’re excited to lead the future of savings and hope you join us on the ride.