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Detroit-based BoostUp partners with Credit Karma, NerdWallet and Quicken Loans to guide homebuyers toward their purchase

DETROIT, Mich., May 12, 2016 – BoostUp, the industry leader in home down payment savings, is expanding its rapidly growing and innovative services with the launch of a home buying checklist to help more Americans achieve the dream of home ownership.

The interactive BoostUp Home Buying Checklist will further simplify the process for people looking to purchase a home. The checklist is incorporated into a BoostUp Saver’s dashboard experience and incudes on-going notifications to keep future homebuyers on track as they approach their goal date. BoostUp partnered with trusted companies who share their vision of helping people reach their goals to assist with key steps in the home buying process for first-time buyers.

“At BoostUp, we’ve spent the last year talking with potential home buyers, most looking to purchase their first home. One thing we’ve consistently heard is their confusion and lack of education around the processes leading up to purchasing a home,” said John Morgan, CEO of BoostUp. “Based on this feedback and the lack of a true helping hand to these future buyers, we are excited to launch our interactive Home Buying Checklist.”

The BoostUp Home Buying Checklist currently contains six actionable steps for first-time homebuyers to follow:

  • Start Saving –Setting a goal and automating deposits toward a home down payment with the BoostUp savings platform
  • Check Your Credit Score – Get free credit scores, credit reports, and tips on building credit from Credit Karma
  • Affordability Calculator – Determine how much house you can afford based on your financial situation with NerdWallet
  • Pre-Approval – Get a pre-approval and discuss mortgage options with BoostUp partner Quicken Loans
  • Find an Agent – Connect with top real estate agents where you are looking to buy through BoostUp’s real estate agent network
  • Buy Your Dream Home – Find the home that is right for you and transfer your BoostUp down payment funds to your closing

The goal of the interactive Checklist is to empower more first-time buyers and give them the confidence they need to make the right decisions on buying a home. BoostUp is actively seeking additional partners to join the Checklist and considering additional steps to add that will be beneficial to first-time homebuyers.

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About BoostUp

BoostUp is a first-of-its-kind, down payment savings platform that helps people save toward their home or car purchase by getting their savings matched from family, friends and brand partners. Consumers create a free BoostUp account, set a savings goal, and then automate deposits to reach that goal. Brand partners offer a dollar-for-dollar match (known as a “Boost”), which rewards their savings when they buy. Family and friends can also give a Boost to help their loved ones reach their goal faster and easier. BoostUp has experienced tremendous growth since it’s launch in 2013. The company has over 50,000 users, saw over $1 Million deposited toward savings goals in each of the last two years and has helped over 8,000 people buy their home or car. More information can be found at