Parents can make the difference in home buying

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As a parent, I know two of my most important responsibilities are to teach and help my children. Teach them right from wrong. Help them make good decisions. Teach them to be nice. Help them as they become adults. And the list goes on and on.

One big life event parents teach and help with is when their children consider buying their first house. Sometimes it’s Mom and Dad giving advice on whether buying a house is a good decision. Sometimes it’s Mom and Dad providing money to their kids for their down payment.

This is why BoostUp created a Parents Boost – to give Moms and Dads the ability to TEACH and HELP their kids in a big way toward their first home purchase. Teaching the power of responsible savings – setting a goal and consistently saving toward it every week. Helping them toward this goal by offering to match a portion of what they save, dollar for dollar, when they purchase.

No matter when your child will buy their first home, it will only benefit them to start saving for it now.   As a parent, I love it when my I can teach, help (and motivate!) my kids – the Parents Boost does just that! Check it out at