Make Your Savings Visible

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It’s easy to think that a few dollars here and there won’t make much difference, but they can add up (or fly away) fast. The choice is up to you.

To keep your money headed toward your savings goal, make your savings visible. How you do so depends on what inspires you most.

Tried and True Methods

Remember back in kindergarten when you counted down to the holidays by making a paper chain? You could see it getting closer and closer each time you removed a link. You can do the same thing for your savings goal.

Suppose you want to save up $2000.  Make a paper chain where each link represents $50, and take away a link each time you send that amount to savings. Watching the chain get smaller and smaller makes your progress visible.

Or you could simply make a chart and fill in each bar as you get closer to your target amount.  If you’re feeling a little artsy, you could even make the chart in the shape of the item your saving up for.

You may have other ideas that will work for you. Anything you choose to represent your forward progress will be effective so long as it’s meaningful to you — and so long as you keep it front and center in your life.

Why it Works

Making your savings visible works because it creates a tangible reminder of both your progress and your goal. When you see, touch, and interact with things they become more real to you.

Instead of “trying” to save up for a down payment, you actually do it because you can literally see the impact of setting aside your money for a goal vs spending it.

You focus consistently and often on what you’re working to achieve, and that means you get there faster than you otherwise might.

The Bonus

As you watch your savings grow, you’ll see the value of your work and planning, and be encouraged to continue on to reach your goal. It’s a positive cycle, and a good way to stick with your goal over time. Think of it as the motivation bonus that can kick things into high gear.

So what are you waiting for? Get started today.


Jackie Beck writes about personal finance and loves saving (ok, and spending!) money. You can follow her on Pinterest