Get into a Savings State of Mind

1 min to read

Have you ever noticed that once you start thinking about something, it appears everywhere?

Suppose you’re thinking of buying a Hyundai Sonata. All of a sudden, you see one every time you’re out and about.

Top of mind

It’s not that there are suddenly more Sonatas out there. It’s that your brain pays attention to the things that are top of mind for you.

It’s helpful that way, so why not take advantage of the phenomenon to get into a savings state of mind? That way you can reach your savings goals even faster.

How to work it

If you want to see opportunities to save money everywhere, remind yourself regularly of your goal to spend less and save more.

Literally tell yourself that you will actively keep an eye out for them, and your brain will help out by making sure you do exactly that.

As you notice more and more places to spend less and save or earn more, you’ll become more and more attuned to the idea — especially as you watch your account balance grow.

Make it a game

Play “spot the savings” with family members and like-minded friends and co-workers. Challenge each other to:

–        Find a way to pay less for the things you enjoy doing

–        Reach weekly savings goals

–        Come up with the savings idea of the week

The more you focus on saving money and funding your goal, the faster you’ll get there. And in its new savings state of mind, your brain will help you every step of the way.


Jackie Beck writes about personal finance and loves saving (ok, and spending!) money. You can follow her on Pinterest.